The Jaguar F-Pace was launched about 3 years back and had created quite an excitement, being the first SUV under the Jaguar label. Perceived to be pricier at that time, with its large V6 engine it was not seen as very competitive. For 2019, Jaguar has introduced a new petrol engine for the F-Pace, which is a 2.0-liter ‘Ingenium’ engine. This is a four-cylinder unit, churning out 250bhp of power and 365Nm of torque. The same engine has also been seen in the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar sedans – XE and XF. How is this new F-Pace? Does it make sense to buy? We tell you in this review.


The Jaguar F-Pace has a design that gradually grows on you. Styled like a sports car, it takes some time getting used to, but then you fall in love with it. The flowing lines across the length of this SUV, the bullish yet stylish curves and the sizeable but non-intimidating look is something that will be liked by many. The front screams of it being a Jaguar and looks classy with the DRLs on. The rear looks exquisite as does the profile view. The high window-line with the slim glass area gives it a contemporary and sporty look. So do the 19-inch wheels, which give a great stance.

The interiors are simple and classy. I would not call it very sporty. However, most things are found in the right places, barring the power window switch which like the land rovers, finds its place on the window sill. There is a 12.3-inch HD virtual instrument display, which can be customized for viewing preference. It gets a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system including a 380W Meridian audio system. The panoramic sunroof is quite large.

It also has adaptive LED headlamps, four-zone climate control with air quality sensor, and cabin air ionization. The front seats get a 10-way adjustment with chrome switches. The grain leather seats add more luxury.

The rear is very spacious as well. An automatic tailgate is missed here though. Also, the ingress can get a little cumbersome for tall people due to the smaller door area.



Once you absorb the design and style of this SUV, what comes next is the almost overwhelming drive dynamics. Styled to look like an SUV / Crossover, the F-Pace feels like a sports sedan. Starting with the sprightly 2.0-liter engine, which pulls handsomely. There are 3 driving modes 0 Eco, Comfort, and dynamic. While the Eco mode is for a relaxed experience that focuses on fuel economy, it is the dynamic mode that brings out the true character of this vehicle. 0-100 km/h comes up in around 7 seconds and the motor is rev-friendly having a very strong mid-range punch.

The 8-speed automatic with sequential shift is smooth and seamless. The combination of dynamic mode with the S mode of the gearbox is super fun, as the engine revs higher, delivers quicker responses. I also like the exhaust note that adds more flavor to the sporty character of the Jaguar F-Pace. The engine revs higher during cold starts and sounds a bit loud before it settles down.


The dynamics of the F-Pace is an aspect that impresses the most. There is hardly anybody roll even when pushing hard through corners. This gives a lot of confidence to maintain your speeds while on a curve. The suspension does feel a bit stiff, but not so much as to unsettle you. Yes, bad roads pose a problem and the passengers can get a bit tossed, but on good roads, it is a hoot to drive. The F-Pace comes with an AWD system that is decent enough to manage slippery conditions and mild off-roading.

Why should you buy it?

It is important to understand that the Jaguar F-Pace is an urban SUV, more to cater to those who like SUV proportions but at the heart, want a sports-car-like feel. The F-Pace offers that in plenty. The F-Pace 25t is assembled locally and costs Rs.63.17 lakhs (ex-showroom), offering good value for those looking for a premium SUV with exceptional performance, attractive styling, and some British charm.