There is a reason why we all love the Toyota Innova so much. The Innova Crysta comes across as a no-nonsense people mover and we experienced just that over a weekend trip from Mumbai to Bhor, in Maharashtra.

To start with, the proportions of the Innova Crysta are imposing, yet it doesn’t feel large while driving. The vehicle accommodates 6 adults with ease (the one with captain seats in the second row). So there is ample space to sit comfortably as well as decent boot space for a weekend drive. Storage is not an issue either, with convenient places to keep water bottles, cups, mobile phone and wallet.

Where the Innova Crysta excels is the reassured feel you get while on the drive. We drove the top of the line Z variant with a 2.4-litre diesel engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The gearshifts are smooth with very little lag that doesn’t make it uncomfortable. The two driving modes are helpful. Power mode gets the best out of the engine, offering a punchy performance and power always on the tap. The commanding view one gets from the driver seat feels confident. The seats are comfortable too, which are a boon on long drives. They provide the right support needed and I never experienced any discomfort even after long hours of driving.

I particularly like the steering wheel with part wood finish. Not only does it add style but also provides good grip and feels nice to hold. This is definitely a premium touch. The Innova Crysta is decent with infotainment, having a touchscreen with a sensitive navigation. The sound system is also pretty good and nothing to really complain about. I would have preferred some more usb oultets and definitely a wireless charger for mobile phones.

The toughness of the Innova Crysta is what intrigues me the most. Driving over bad or broken roads pose no problem. Although there is some amount of stiffness and body roll, you have that assurance that nothing will fall off or loosen. The Innova feels well-built and strong. This is one of the best things to have in a family car. On our trip we experienced a lot of bad and unpaved roads. With the Toyota Innova Crysta, it was a breeze driving over such roads.

The quite cabin further enhances the comfort and you tend to enjoy sceneries and locales all the more, while travelling.

Toyota Innova Crysta makes a lot of sense in our driving conditions as it offers the reliability and longevity that a customer seeks. Over the years it has built a name for these virtues and continues to be a favourite amongst buyers. Innova is a household name and the preferred choice of people and we know the reason why.