Mahindra has provided a sneak peek of the upcoming Thar EV concept ahead of its global unveiling on August 15 in South Africa. This confirmation aligns with our previous information. The electric off-road concept will bear the name Thar.e

Mahindra Thar EV

The teaser shared on social media offers additional insights. The concept’s design will incorporate Squircle elements, noticeable in the LED lights. These lights also reveal a pixel pattern akin to the pickup concept that Mahindra intends to present at the event. The most significant clue regarding its features is the “Born Electric” lettering, signifying that both the concept and the eventual production vehicle will be constructed on Mahindra’s newly developed dedicated EV platform.

Mahindra Thar EV

While it’s feasible to electrify a ladder-frame platform, as demonstrated by the Ford F150 Lightning pickup, Mahindra’s commercial vehicle background has prompted the exploration of this avenue. By employing the fresh born-electric platform for the Thar.e, Mahindra can circumvent the challenges posed by weight and space limitations inherent in the current Thar’s ladder-frame construction. This approach is poised to provide the Thar.e with an improved range, as the lower weight and enhanced space would accommodate larger battery packs. While specifics such as the range and powertrain details remain undisclosed at present.

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