Do not buy a motorbike.. instead go for a mobility solution that comes in a form of a ‘gadget-on-two-wheels’, sans an engine, that’s modern looking, connected, eco-friendly, easy to buy and comes with an experience that’s ‘unlimited’. Read on to find out for yourself if it’s truly unlimited as claimed by the company.

Revolt Intellicorp has become India’s first company to launch an Electric Motorbike that’s conforms to the regular motorbike definition, yet is path-breaking in more respect than one. First & foremost, for the industry that’s still focusing more on scooters & moped category, Revolts starts its EV journey with a motorbike – a glamorous rendition of modern day riding machine for those who seek thrill in their machines more than mere utility. And for this time at least its apt to call it a motorbike, since this one actually runs on a motor, wonder why we never addressed Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) bikes as engine bikes!


When it comes to features, Revolt bikes are at par with the traditional ICE powered bikes in general & even better than many on some aspects. Eg RV 400 & RV 300 bikes come with Upside Down (USD) Forks as standard for the front suspension along with an adjustable rear monoshock. Both bikes are fitted with the Combi Braking System (CBS) and also offer disc brakes for front as well as the rear wheel as standard. In case of RV 300 however, the rear disc is of a smaller size when compared to its elder sibling. Bikes also get the regenerative braking feature to support its energy efficient claim. The dummy engine sound feature that you may have heard about already is however restricted to RV400 only; RV300 does not come with artificial exhaust sounds.

Besides Speed, Mode & Charge related information, the Digital Instrument Cluster on the driver console gives you information on ambient as well as the battery temperature also. The stylish looking front & rear lamps are LED powered, hence are brighter and energy efficient both at the same time. The intelligent support system ensure on-air updates without a need to visit a workshop, diagnostics are also carried out remotely to ensure proper safe-keep & maintenance of your bike without you needing to worry about missing a service schedule for an important repair.

One striking feature about the RV400 is a voice based ignition. A helmet fitted with a mic and connected to the motorbike wirelessly was showcased at the launch event. On saying “Revolt Start” the bike comes to life with headlamps on and powers it ready to crank up the wheels even if you are meters away from the vehicle. However, if the voice command is limited to just basic functions like starting the bike, it’s but obvious that it’s of little or no use to user. We are awaiting more details on the voice command features from the company to understand if it really gives some practical convenience or advantages to the user. There’s a provision for even adjusting the riding position to make it more customisable for the rider.


Revolt RV 400 is equipped with an efficient motor with 3KW as rated power, generating an astonishing 170Nm of torque as claimed by the manufacturer. The 72V, 3.24KWh lithium ion battery takes roughly 4.5 hours for a full re-charge. RV300 on the other hand is powered by a 60V, 2.7kWh lithium ion battery. The battery is supposedly shock proof and boasts of IP67 rating blocking water from entering the pack in deluge situations.

Even though the two bikes look very similar, they are slightly different from one another structurally. RV400 has a wheel base of 1350mm compared to a 30mm shorter wheelbase for RV300. The ground clearance for the two bikes is also different with RV400 having 814mm of clearance. RV300 on the other hand has a ground clearance of 826mm also thereby raising the saddle height for rider by 12mm.

There are three different modes the rider can chose from – Eco, Normal & Sport. RV 400 is rated for a maximum range of 150km in eco mode with a top speed of 45km/hr. The top speed of 80km/hr is reachable in the sport mode though. RV 300 on the other hand can go upto a max speed of 65km/hr in sports mode & return a range of 180km in eco mode, which is however at a snail pace of 25km/hr.


The most interesting aspect of the bike is its pricing. Revolts lets you own the bike from day one of its purchase with a nominal monthly fee starting from Rs 2999 going up to Rs 3999. The electric motorbike is yours without upfront full payment or a down payment leading into equated monthly instalments lasting for years. What further sweetens up the deal is the fact that it comes with unlimited support in the form of product warranty for 5 years/ 75000 km, 8 years/1.5L km battery warranty and free maintenance benefits for 3 years/30000kms including cost of regular consumables even one free tyre replacement within the first 3 years.

Revolt Intellicorp plans to introduce these EVs in Delhi & Pune initially before expanding its presence in to other markets. A tie up with go mechanic has been established to ensure uninterrupted support for its customers in these cities including battery swap service. Whether Revolt is truly an unlimited Motorbike or not, only time will tell, but with a long list of consumer friendly features & innovative buying & owning scheme, it certainly has moved the bar up several notches for other competitors & made customer expectation hit the unlimited mark for sure.

Tell us what you feel about this new bike & wait till we come back with a detailed road test & EV Range Test in GearFliQ style.