This initiative aims to stop the disposal of waste to landfills or to incineration without energy recovery – it is either totally eliminated at source or recycled off-site. Except for medical and sanitary wastes, all other waste streams must be recycled to meet the concept of zero waste to landfill.

Basically, JK tyre promotes a very high-quality waste management system and Go green Initiatives in the Tyre Sector where zero waste is sent to landfills. This shows the vision of the company towards nature and the future of our planet.

JK Tyres and Industries Limited has developed a robust Integrated Waste Management plan for all types of wastes – such as rubber compounds, scrap green tyres, cut flaps, trimmings, used tyres, etc. in a controlled and transparent way. It also developed an Audit system for contracts of Recyclers. The IWMP also includes used oil, e-waste, etc. in its five plant locations.

Under this journey, JKTIL engaged with the British Standards Institution for verification of its system as per ISO 14051 and verified that the waste generated is not going to landfill in any way. Generation, collection, segregation, storage, treatment, and disposal in the different processes were also calculated and traceability of waste was also confirmed from the vendors who were taking the scrap.

The British Standards Institution (BSI), has audited 5 manufacturing locations in Rajasthan, Chennai, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttrakhand. During the course, it confirmed that no waste, either solid or liquid was disposed to landfill and recommended JKTIL all 5 manufacturing locations as a ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL PLANTS.

JK Tyre is a responsible corporate and giving back to the community is central to the culture of the Company. JK Tyre is not only driven by the need to make the world a better place through the manufacturing of a safer and technologically advanced product, but also by widening its prosperity circle.