Range, Features, Pricing, Top Speed, Charging time, all to know before you buy.

Electric vehicles have been in high demand and consideration of everyone, especially in metro cities. Higher demand is because of the skyrocketing prices of fuel in India. However, motor brands are trying their best to reach everywhere in the country and it is expected to have a great charging station network all over the country in the next 5 to 10 years. Apart from the usual 2-wheeler brands, many new brands have emerged and have gained a lot of public attention in the EV industry. Here is a list of Top 5 electric 2-wheelers to buy and consider over conventional IC engine 2-wheelers.

  1. Ather 450 X
  2. Revolt RV400
  3. TVS iQube
  4. Bajaj Chetak
  5. Okinawa iPraise Plus

1. Ather450X

Models: Ather 450 Plus, Ather 450X

Price: Ather 450 Plus- Rs 1.27 lakh

Ather 450X- Rs 1.46 lakh

Range: 116 km/charge

Top Speed: 80km/hr

Charging Time: Fast Charger – 1hr 15mins

Home charger – 5hr 15mins

Features – Ather 450X has many built-in features and is one of the most premium and expensive electric 2-wheeler in India. Its premium price justifies itself by ts features, technology, performance and range. Ather 450X gets built-in Google Maps as well as digital document storage, all LED setup, touchscreen instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity enabling music and phone call controls, 4G LTE sim connectivity.

2. Revolt RV400

Models: RV400 STD, RV400 Premium

Price : RV400 STD- Rs 1.03 lakh

RV400 Premium- Rs 1.18 lakh

Range : 150km/charge

Top Speed : 85 km/hr

Charging Time: 4.5 hrs

Features – Revolt RV 400 is a motorcycle and packs in with many features like a full-LCD instrument cluster, 4G connectivity, travel history, battery health, range and the nearest swap station for the battery through the app. It also has geofencing and keyless ignition.

3. TVS iQube

Models : TVS iQube

Price : Rs. 1.09 Lakh

Range : 75km/charge

Top Speed: 78 km/hr

Charging Time: 6 hrs

Features – TVS iQube packs in many features like all LED setup, navigation assist, remote charging status, geofencing, phone call notifications and access to data like average speed, battery status, distance covered and more on the connected smartphone.

4. Bajaj Chetak

Models: Chetak Premium, Chetak Urbane

Price: Chetak Urbane- Rs 1.15 lakh

Chetak Premium- Rs 1.20 lakh

Range: 95 km/charge

Top Speed : 70km/hr

Charging Time: 5 hrs

Features – Bajaj Cheatk does not have many features like others but still has all the important features you could expect, LCD screen, geotagging, geofencing and turn-by-turn navigation. It also has phone connectivity for music control.

5. Okinawa iPraise Plus

Models: Okinawa iPraise plus

Price: Rs 1.08 lakh

Range : 139km/charge

Top Speed : 58km/hr

Charging Time: 3-4 hrs

Features – Okinawa iPraise Plus features all LED lights, geo-fencing, direction to the vehicle, phone notifications, tracking and monitoring the vehicle among others.

If you are looking forward to buying an electric 2-wheeler this list will surely help you shortlist the vehicle. Stay tuned at GearFliq.com for more such updates and do comment down below for any questions.