Jawa & Yezdi Motorcycles partner with the Indian Army for the first-ever “Ladakh International Musical Festival”

Classic Legends is proudly associated with the first-ever Ladakh International Musical Festival (LIMF), an initiative led by the Indian Army in the region to promote Ladakh’s local talent, youth, and their love for music. The music festival is also aimed to pay tribute to the Heroes who’ve laid down their lives for their motherland.

A fleet of 24 Jawa & Yezdi motorcycles helmed by officers from the Indian Army was flagged off from Leh to Rezang La War Memorial, the highest in the world, to offer a tribute to the bravery of 120 soldiers who fought the Chinese Army in 1962. This occasion was also marked by releasing a special anthem song composed by musician Joi Barua.

Leh is a popular market among motorcyclists and tourists alike, with this association, Classic Legends kicked off the first season for Yezdi motorcycles in the region. To bring the Yezdi experience to a larger audience, the company is actively focused on strengthening its association with the tour and rental operators in the region and has also set up a full-fledged service facility in the city to cater to the local buyers as well as members of its ‘Kommuniti’ riding to the region. With deliveries for Jawa & Yezdi Motorcycles already started to tour operators and operational service facilities, the company is set to cater to riders this riding season.

The long-term road map of Classic Legends is to curate an entire ecosystem of lifestyle experiences for customers and the community, leveraging on the best of its partner capabilities in design & engineering along with its global expertise to design lifestyle products that capture the DNA and ethos of retro motorcycling.

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