CB350’s retro looks will get classier with these new sets of accessories

CB350 H’ness also known as GB350 in Japan has got a new set of accessories to spice up its looks. Daytona Corporation has launched few accessories to add classier looks on CB350 (GB350). The list includes:

  • Velona Tachometer Kit
  • Engine Guard
  • Chrome-finished rear fender
  • Saddlebag Mounts

CB350-Velona Speedometer

The Velona gauge balances the dashboard look, it is placed on the left side of the stock unit. The speedometer kits are available in two sizes: 60mm and 48mm.

CB350-Engine Guard

The most looked-after accessories kit for CB350 is its engine guard and Daytona has designed it very neat and doesn’t hamper its retro looks.


The rear chrome fender really adds up a more striking part which further strengthens CB350’s retrogene.


With these sets of accessories, we are sure many of you would want to get hands-on with them. The cost of each part is not known to us yet, but the import duties will definitely add more weight to your pockets. And now with the current situation and ongoing lockdown status, this will make your wait even longer.

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Honda HIGHNESS – CB350 Launched!