Kia Seltos made its world debut a few months back in India and went on to become one of the hottest selling SUVs. There were several reasons behind the kind of initial success this vehicle saw. A feature-loaded SUV with good looks, variety of powertrains, connected infotainment, upmarket cabin feel, all this bundled with an aggressive price tag, made sure that customers queued up to buy this attractive proposition.

While the sales of the Kia Seltos have been strong with around 27,000 units been sold since its launch in August 2019, there have been several cases where customers have reported problems with the Seltos. Moreover, in many cases, it is the long time taken to resolve issues that has irked customers.

Recently, one of our readers, Mr. Sanjay Mittal from Pune faced an issue of petrol leakage from the engine in his Seltos GTX. ‘This is a petrol vehicle and such sort of problem is of high risk’, as per the customer, who often drives alongwith his family. The car was sent to the service station and diagnosed to have a faulty oil seal. It took the service team about 15 days to repair the vehicle, for want of spares. The Kia dealership on their part though, provided the customer a loaner car and ensured that he is not inconvenienced. While Mr. Mittal finds Seltos a good package and is appreciative of the dealer support, he is dismayed at the nature of the problem encountered, which could have been dangerous.

Another problem commonly reported is the of the UVO connectivity, where the infotainment system hangs often. There are also issues about the server being down at times. A few customers have shared this problem on social media as well. Some customers have also reported a problem of fogging inside the fog lamps.

A good product needs proper support and fast resolution of problems. We hope that Kia takes note of these issues and does the needful, which is key to establishing a good brand image.