Top 5 E rickshaws

India’s e-mobility transition is spearheaded by small vehicle segments, particularly the ubiquitous electric rickshaw, also known as e-rickshaw. These eco-friendly vehicles have become the preferred mode of last-mile commute for millions of office-goers, especially in and around metro routes and densely populated areas. With 1.5 million battery-powered electric rickshaws in India, they cater to over 60 million users every day, offering an affordable and sustainable mobility solution. These e-rickshaws are not only crucial for tier II and III cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, Dehradun, Ranchi, Patna, and Udaipur but also provide an eco-friendly last-mile commute option for tier I cities such as Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. Let us look at the top five sustainable E rickshaws to consider:

Udaan Smart

Udaan Vehicles, established in 2015, has earned a strong reputation as a leading manufacturer of Battery E Rickshaws and E Rickshaw Loaders. Their UDAAN SMART model is a standout choice in the market. What makes it special is the inclusion of Smart Connect Technology, which allows the rickshaw to self-diagnose any potential issues, thereby reducing maintenance costs and ensuring maximum uptime. With a powerful 1200-watt motor, this e-rickshaw excels in delivering high mileage and efficiency. It is well-equipped with several convenience features, including Daytime Running Lights (DRL), driver storage, seat hold assist, and front pockets for passenger comfort. To ensure longevity, the UDAAN SMART comes with a robust 3-coat ED (Electrophoretic Deposition) paint, making it more durable and resistant to environmental wear and tear. This e-rickshaw is known for its sturdy construction, comfortable seating, and anti-corrosive body, ensuring a long battery life.

Lohia Narrain ICE

Lohia Narrain ICE is designed with a focus on passenger comfort and a smoother ride. It incorporates advanced features such as larger wheels and hydraulic suspension. These elements combine to provide a firmer and more comfortable journey, even on rough or uneven terrain. The power machine beneath the Lohia Auto Narain ICE 3-wheeler is a BLDC motor with a power output of 1200 W, which ensures efficient performance. With a seating capacity of D+4 and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 665 kg, it offers ample space for passengers. The wheelbase of 2030 mm and an overall vehicle length of 2765 mm provide superior passenger comfort. Additionally, it comes fitted with 3.75 – 12-inch tires, offering a generous ground clearance of 170 mm. All these features combine to make Lohia Narrain ICE an attractive choice for e-rickshaw buyers who prioritize passenger comfort and safety.

Atul Elite Plus

Atul Auto is a well-established name in the e-rickshaw manufacturing industry, and its Atul Elite Plus model stands out for its reliable performance and comfortable ride. One of its standout features is the telescopic front suspension, which not only ensures stability but also minimizes unnecessary motion, thus providing a comfortable ride experience. The Atul Elite Plus requires 8-10 hours of charging time, and it can reach a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h. Its power output ranges from 850 W to 1000 W (1.14/1.34 hp), depending on the specific model. The e-rickshaw is powered by a 12V 100 AH Lead Acid battery and comes with a 48V DC12A battery charger. With a load capacity of 699 kg (gross vehicle weight), it can efficiently accommodate passengers and their luggage. The Atul Elite Plus is also lauded for its safety features, including a halogen headlamp, making it a preferred choice for those looking for a reliable and secure e-rickshaw.

Bajaj RE Electric Rickshaw

One of the standout features of the Bajaj RE Electric Rickshaw is its impressive range of 120 km per charge. This extended range makes it suitable for longer commutes, addressing the need for reliable last-mile transportation in various scenarios. The electric motor has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4.3 kW, which adds to its competitiveness in the market. The dimensions of the electric scooter are 1,714 mm in length, 1,350 mm in width, and 1,772 mm in height. These dimensions make it spacious enough to accommodate up to four passengers comfortably. Along with its impressive range, the Bajaj RE Electric Rickshaw boasts a payload capacity of 732 kg, making it ideal for carrying both passengers and cargo. It can be charged in 6 hours, ensuring quick turnaround times for drivers and operators.

Mayuri Deluxe Electric Rickshaw

Mayuri Deluxe Electric Rickshaw provides a range of 80-100 km per charge and a top speed of over 24 km/hr. It can carry up to 5 passengers and comes with a warranty of 24 months. With an 8-hour charging time and voltage fluctuation protection, this e-rickshaw offers a reliable and eco-friendly commuting solution.

To conclude

E-rickshaws are the future of sustainable urban mobility in India, cutting emissions and providing an affordable, eco-friendly alternative. With consumers increasingly valuing environmental concerns and cost-effective commuting, these e-rickshaws will play a crucial role in India’s evolving transportation scene. Whether for short daily commutes or longer journeys, there’s an e-rickshaw for everyone, facilitating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable mode of transportation.

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