A sensational revelation could be taking place in Switzerland as it might become the first country in the world to ban electric vehicles. The power crisis in Europe has prompted the country to take such a step, to ensure that it has enough power to help them bide this winter. Switzerland currently imports energy from France and Germany. The Russia-Ukraine war, however, has become an impediment in natural gas supply to these countries, which in turn, is posing problems with energy generation. The shortage has prompted even energy rich countries to look at importing energy from other sources.

The Swiss Federal Electricity Commission, Elcom had said earlier this year that the power supply for the winter will remain uncertain because of the shortage in French nuclear power generation. Germany too is in a similar situation. While these countries will be struggling for power, it would become difficult for Switzerland to even import energy as per their standard requirement.

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Elcom has devised a three tier programme to cut down energy usage in order to maintain energy for the winter season. This might result in bringing about a ban on EV charging, to sustain power requirements in the country, for the harsh winter. The authorities have revealed that EVs will be allowed charging only in “absolutely necessary journeys”. Swiss officials have drafted emergency proposals restricting power usage if the situation goes extreme.

While this seems like a one-time issue, the fact is not hidden that a country like Switzerland is indeed heavily dependent on energy imports and this could pose a problem for EVs in the future, as priority will always be given to the essentials. The war has added a lot of pressure on many European countries and it seems this shall not end in the near future. In such a scenario, it is quite possible that other countries too may follow suit and impose restrictions on energy consumption.