In the midst of an EV revolution taking place in the country and numerous brands coming up, one company has displayed an ability to be consistent and also launch products as per customer needs.

We talk to Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder and Director, Batt:RE, who explains about the brand and its latest product, Stor:ie.


What was the inspiration behind Batt:RE?

Batt:RE as a brand understands the need for a sustainable future. Even when my co-founder and I were in the nascent stages of trying to zero in on an industry with massive potential, our main goal was always two-pronged: to provide premium products that were accessible to the masses and to leave a better imprint on the planet for the coming generations. This is what motivated us to establish our own EV company, Batt:RE, which is in sync with our mission statement of leaving a cleaner, greener future for the coming generations.

How do you see your position in this evolving market, with a lot of competition coming in from established ICE players?

Being in the nascent stages of development, the industry presents a huge opportunity to all the EV two-wheeler players. Speaking of competition, standing out will be a factor of the quality of the product, its cost efficiency, and ease of accessibility to dealerships through good distribution and service network.

Along with this, the Indian populous is getting more conscious of the world they live in owing to the increase in literacy rates over the past decade. They are also price-conscious. So with rising fuel prices and falling lithium-ion battery prices, consumers are prone to choose a more environmentally friendly and economical product i.e. EVs.

What are the future products planned?

As a brand, we have always believed in adapting and upgrading to help ease the recurring everyday problems our customers face. So after analyzing the trends in this space, since our offerings were limited to low-speed scooters, we felt a need for adding high-speed scooters to build a stronger portfolio and cater to the growing demands for mobility in India. Stor:ie, our latest offering is our first scooter in the high-speed segment. It’s a scooter we believe is perfect for Indian conditions and use cases. We are currently building our portfolio with many more high-speed scooters, bikes, and delivery vehicles in the coming months to cater to a wider audience and penetrate the tier II & III markets.

What is the presence of Batt:RE countrywide?

We currently stand strong at 426+ dealerships and we aim to reach at least 800 + dealerships by the end of this year. Owing to our strategic partnerships and distribution spread we are taking e-mobility to every part of India by covering a majority of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We are actively expanding with an aim to provide better mobility options to all citizens. We are working on expanding our EV portfolio to cater to a wider consumer base by covering a majority of tier II and tier III cities.


Why should someone buy a Batt:RE product?

Batt:RE prides itself on its exceptional quality and features, customer experience, and competitive pricing. So our scooter Stor:ie, comes with a host of unique features. It is our first all-metal-panelled scooter. It has a smart TFT display – which is connected to the user’s phone through the Batt:RE app. On this TFT display, consumers can get Navigation assistance, call alerts, a variety of riding modes, and an indicator for letting the user know when the battery status of the scooter- completely eliminating the range anxiety. Stor:ie comes with one of the biggest seats and footboards within its category which aids in a better, more convenient city commute. The scooter has been designed keeping in mind the user’s comfort without compromising on safety. The motor and controller of Stor:ie are powered by a Lucas TVS with an AIS 156 approved 3.1kWh battery pack which gives a mileage of approximately 132Km on a single charge (ICAT Certified). The battery goes through rigorous testing including testing the scooter for 1,00,000 kilometres to prevent the initiation and propagation of thermal runaway (fire). These high-end features come at a very competitive price of Rs.89600. 

We make products accessible through a robust sales and service network, Batt:RE is taking steady yet defined steps to accomplish its mission of driving e-mobility to the heart of India.