Kabira Mobility is set to launch KM 3000 and KM 4000 electric bikes nationwide in the month of February 2021 with first of its kind and completely ‘Made in India’ high speed Electric Bikes with no range anxiety.

Bikes will be equipped with Combi-brakes, best in class range, fast charging on board, roadside assistance these electric bikes from Kabira Mobility are as appealing as compared to IC motorbikes in terms of style and performance. Kabira Mobility Electric bikes sport modern design with a sleek aerodynamic profile, fireproof battery, park assist, and many smart & exciting features.

Featuring a DeltaEV BLDC Motor the electric bikes can achieve a top speed of 120kmph and a riding range of 150 km on a single charge making them best in class.

Mr. Jaibir Siwach, CEO of Kabira Mobility said, “These electric bikes were a distant vision when we started our product development journey in Goa in 2018, but they are now a reality and have turned out to be more magnificent than what we had imagined.

  • KM 3000 debuts as an ‘Electric Sports bike’
  • KM 4000 debuts as an ‘Electric Street Bike.’ “

Kabira Mobility has launched 6 Electric Scooters in AutoExpo 2020, which are suitable for college students, executives, last-mile delivery fleet and it has an electric scooter that is specifically designed and developed for inclusiveness of specially-abled.