Hyderabad recently hosted a thrilling event called Street Rush, organized by Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles. This adrenaline filled event took place at the Chicane Circuit and left attendees amazed and captivated. Street Rush, a unique rider training program under the ‘Jawa Yezdi Nomads’ initiative, provided Jawa and Yezdi motorcycle owners with an opportunity to enhance their riding skills and unleash the full potential of their machines. The event saw the participation of over 150 passionate individuals, including 85 riders on Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles, making it a hugely successful first edition of Street Rush.

Street Rush

The event commenced with an intensive training session led by Rustom Patel, an eight-time national champion known for his expertise in off-road and rally events. Participants delved into various riding techniques, including motorcycle control, acceleration, throttle control, cornering, turn-in, weight balance, and effective braking. The training sessions, lasting for an hour each, quenched the thirst for knowledge and prepared the riders for the ultimate test of their skills.

Rustom Patel, who thoroughly enjoyed both training the participants and putting the motorcycles through their paces, praised the peppy engines and capable chassis of the Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles. He particularly mentioned the nimbleness of the Jawa 42 and the added power and sliding capabilities of the Scrambler. Rustom expressed his confidence that the participants would return with enhanced skills, enabling them to enjoy their rides while prioritizing safety on the road.

Street Rush

Following the training session, the track came alive with the competitive spirit of the riders as they competed against time, aiming for glory and the coveted trophy. The event also served as an opportunity for riders to explore the world of track riding and forge connections with like-minded enthusiasts. Riders shared their experiences, contributing to the solidification of the motorcycle community in Hyderabad.

The time-trial format event concluded with three exceptional riders emerging as the top three winners: Mohd. Abdul Shoeb on Yezdi Scrambler, Sai Saagar Patangay on Yezdi Roadster, and Manoj Kumar, also on a Yezdi Roadster. These riders not only secured their positions but also received exclusive Jawa Yezdi branded riding jackets, helmets, and well-deserved trophies to commemorate their achievements.

Street Rush

Expressing his satisfaction with the event, Mohd. Abdul Shoeb acknowledged the excitement surrounding Street Rush and his immediate interest in participating. While the trophy held significance, he emphasized the value of the skills learned on the track and commended the efforts of the entire team in providing a fantastic experience.

With the resounding success of the first edition of Street Rush, Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles plans to expand it into a national championship, extending its reach to other cities and adding more rounds to the yearly calendar.

Street Rush

Street Rush marks the beginning of an exhilarating journey under the Jawa Yezdi Nomads initiative. This groundbreaking gymkhana event equips riders with the skills to conquer urban roads and offers the thrill of racing in a controlled environment. Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles aims to redefine the boundaries of two-wheeled excitement, bringing together riders from diverse backgrounds in pursuit of unbridled thrills and unforgettable experiences.

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